The Case of the Deadly Desperados

P.K. Pinkerton is in deep trouble... in more ways than one.  He is at the bottom of a silver mine, trying to figure out a way to outwit Wittlin' Walt, the Very Bad Man after his inheritance. This is where we find P.K. at the beginning of The Case of the Deadly Desperados, by Caroline... Continue Reading →

Words in the Dust

What is truly amazing about Words in the Dust by Trent Reedy is that this young man could write such a beautiful book from the first-person perspective of a young Afgani girl. Zulaikha (thankfully, there’s pronunciation guide in the back of the book) loves her family, especially her older sister and her father.  They don’t... Continue Reading →

Emily of New Moon

If you love Ann of Green Gables, you will enjoy reading L.M. Montgomery's Emily of New Moon trilogy. Emily is a spirited, imaginative girl - quite similar to Anne.  But while readers meet Anne as an orphan, readers share in Emily's shock when her beloved father dies.  She soon discovers her lot is to move... Continue Reading →

Afternoon of the Elves

Hillary is an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life - until her neighbor Sara-Kate tells her elves have built a village in her backyard. Could it be true?  Hillary isn't sure, but the idea of elves is too interesting to ignore.  So against the advice of her friends at school, Hillary ventures through the backyard... Continue Reading →

Emily’s Fortune

Emily lives a very quiet life.  She never runs, never shouts, and hardly plays.  She lives with her mother and the wealthy Miss Luella Nash, who doesn't like noise at all. But then, Emily finds herself alone in the world, after a horrible carriage accident.  And suddenly, everyone wants to make decisions for her -... Continue Reading →

The Clockwork Three

As I browsed the library's website and shelves, I often picked up The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby, but put it right back down.  I wasn't sure I wanted to commit to it - I wasn't in the mood for a fantasy novel (which it isn't!), I needed to find picture books to review... Continue Reading →

Born to Fly

Action. Adventure. And a female protagonist!? Yes! Bird McGill has always wanted to fly an airplane. Her current obsession is a P-40 Warhawk, the plane the US is flying when it first enters World War II. Born to Fly by Michael Ferrari tells Bird's story of not fitting in with the other girls, of finding... Continue Reading →

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