The Gammage Cup

The Minnipins live in a remote valley, cut off from the rest of their world. They remember how their ancestors got to the valley, but nothing that comes before that event. Why did they leave their former home? What were they fleeing? These questions feel irrelevant to the current inhabitants of the valley. Instead they... Continue Reading →


If I asked you, "Who is Golem?", you'd probably answer, "That horrible creature from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings who coveted the One Ring." You'd be right, even though Tolkein spells the name differently. But Golem is a mythical character from Jewish folklore - long pre-dating Tolkein's work. In fact, knowing the... Continue Reading →

Twelve Kinds of Ice

I've never enjoyed ice skating - too cold of a sport for me. But reading Twelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Bryan Obed almost makes me want to skate. A cross between a picture book, a novella and a memoir, Twelve Kinds of Ice builds the anticipation for all the different kinds of ice for... Continue Reading →

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