The Land I Lost

Nhuong grew up in the highlands of Vietnam, before the Vietnam War.  The Land I Lost is a collection of his memories from his youth, growing up in a small Vietnamese village.  He has many adventures with his bull and cows, fishing for eels in the canals, and hunting in the jungles.

My children were fascinated by life in the village and the very real dangers from the wild animals in the area.  I think Anna is very glad she lives in America, where we don’t have to worry about horse snakes, tigers, the lone male boar, or two-step snakes.

The Land I Lost is a glimpse into village life in Vietnam, a place far from the comfortable life in suburban America.  I’m so glad we have books like this, which can take us to places and times we may never be able to visit ourselves.

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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