Andrew Clements

I have tried to find a book by Andrew Clements I do not like, and I have had no success.  Every book of his my children and I read we enjoy immensely.

The first one we read was The School Story – a book about a girl, Natalie, who writes a book, and her and her friend’s efforts to get it published.  We learn a lot about what goes into publishing a book through Natalie’s experience.

Most of Clements books are about fifth- or sixth-graders and their ideas, their dilemmas and their life in public or private school.

We have read quite a few of them aloud and listened to most of them on CD – many more than once.  And even though we are a homeschooling family and my children have no experience in a formal school setting, we enjoy every one of Clements books immensely.

Last summer, we listened to Frindle as a family as we drove on our vacation.  Even my husband – who absolutely hates listening to audio books in the car – enjoyed Frindle.  We laughed so hard!

Clements’ books are great for upper elementary children to read to themselves, great audiobooks for family travel, and fun to read aloud together as a family.

I wish that the homeschooling community had an author like Clements to relate the joys, trials and triumphs of homeschooling in such an enjoyable way as Clements does with the public school.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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