Dolphin Adventure

If you have a child in your life who loves animals, especially dolphins, she will love this book!  I read Dolphin Adventure aloud to my children several times, and they have read it on their own many more times.

Wayne Grover, a deep-sea diver based in Florida, tells the story of how he met a dolphin family and helped save their baby.  It’s a short story, with illustrations by Jim Fowler to hold the attention of younger listeners, if you’re reading it aloud.

Grover does a good job of describing diving and his love for the sport.  He took us with him to the ocean floor and the beauty and stillness he finds there – and the dangers too.

Dolphin Adventure dovetails into Grover’s second book, Dolphin Treasure.

In Dolphin Treasure, the dolphins are back, and this time they save Grover’s life.  This story teaches great lessons about listening to instincts, the value of human life over treasure, and the value of friendship – even between a man and a dolphin.

These books are easy to read aloud and written at a level that preschoolers can understand while adults can enjoy.

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