Egermeier’s Bible Story Book

I’ve said before everyone needs to be familiar with the Bible because so much of Western literature alludes to it.  A great place to start is The Jesus Storybook Bible, which I’ve already reviewed.

The strength of The Jesus Storybook Bible is also it’s weakness.  It gives a wonderful overview of the Bible, so that you get a sense of the continual storyline of the Bible.  However, it also skips many important stories.  That isn’t a problem for toddlers and preschoolers.

But elementary students to adults need a more comprehensive Bible storybook, and Ergermeier’s Bible Story Book is quite comprehensive.  As it says on the title page, “A Complete Narration from Genesis to Revelation for the Young and Old.”  Elsie Ergermeier originally wrote this storybook in 1922, but fortunately for us, Arlene Hall revised it so it’s easier to read.

No narration is skipped in this Bible Storybook, and those stories told in several different books of the Bible are combined, making this book easy to read.  Younger children will not be able to read it to themselves, but once they reach a 4th-grade reading level, they could.

Its one weakness is the small number of pictures.  But the narration more than makes up for it – and if you wonder how accurately Ergermeier tells the story, each one includes Bible references so you can look it up.

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