The Story of the World

One of the great benefits of teaching my children at home is that I get an education as well.  I’m learning so much more about history and science that I just didn’t get in school – either because the curriculum didn’t include the information, or because I didn’t understand it.

I’ve always enjoyed history, but this year I feel like it’s really coming together for me.  I’m making connections between world events I’ve never seen before, and it’s really cool.  My children are amazed when I glance up from our reading and announce, “I get it now!” or “I didn’t know that before!”  It’s so fun to learn together.

One reason we’re enjoying history so much this year is because of the book we’re reading:  The Story of the World: History for the Classical Child by Susan Wise Bauer.

Bauer has written these books in several volumes, so you won’t be overwhelmed by one, huge, overwhelming book.  She writes in an engaging, story-telling style which captures the attention of all my children and is easy to read aloud.

The chapters are short and include some myths or stories.  This is not a dry, “this-happened-then-this-happened” textbook.  It’s really more of a storybook about history.

If you love history, you’ll enjoy reading this book to your children.  If you’re not a history buff, I think you’ll still enjoy reading this book.  Either way, you’ll learn things you’ve never learned before (unless, perhaps, you have earned a PhD in history), and enjoy some great cuddle time on the couch with your kids.

And don’t think you have to be teaching your children at home to use this book.  Because the chapters are short, and broken into sections, it is easy enough to read one chapter, or section, before bedtime or whatever time you’ve chosen to read to your children.  It’s written to read aloud to elementary students, but my junior high student is enjoying listening to it and reading it too.

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