The Courage of Sarah Noble

This year, my younger children and I are exploring American History, and enjoying some wonderful books on our journey.

One of those is The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh.  I remember my older two children enjoying this book when they read it two years ago, but this was the first time I had a chance to read it.

I was surprised to find a note from the author at the beginning of the book, explaining that Sarah Noble was a real girl, who really did travel into the wilderness of Connecticut with her father to cook for him while he built a house for the family they had left back in Massachusetts.  She was only eight years old at the time.  My nine-year-old was slightly shocked, and told me, quite severely, “This is what I’m talking about Mom.  I need to learn how to make dinner!”

Yes, dear.  I know you won’t let me forget.

And you won’t forget this delightful story of a girl who learns the meaning of courage, who accepts the responsibilities of an adult, and yet is thrilled to return to the joys of childhood when her father returns with the rest of her family.  This is a wonderful book to read aloud to younger children, or for children who are ready to read short chapter books on their own.

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