The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson is my favorite Christmas book ever.  I’ve read it, loved it, and laughed a loud every December with it since my childhood.

It’s a refreshing, hilarious look at the traditional church Christmas pageant, told from the eyes of one of the participants.  Due to circumstances beyond her control, this girl’s mother is stuck directing the church’s annual Christmas pageant.  No one thinks it will be the same, but her mom is determined to make this year’s pageant one everyone will remember.

Everyone in town does remember, but not for the reasons you’d think.

The neighborhood bullies, the Herdmans, decide to show up at Sunday school one Sunday.  Instead of leaving and never coming back, like everyone expects, they keep coming.  And instead of running the other way when the pageant is announced, they decide to participate.  And they bully all the other participants out of their usual parts.

The result is something no one could have predicted – unusual, to say the least – and heartwarming too.  (Promise I won’t give it away, but let’s just say this year, the wise men didn’t bring gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child.  And that’s just the beginning.)

When I saw my daughter pick up our copy and read it one afternoon, I was thrilled.  When I heard her giggling, I remembered some of my favorite parts of the story and giggled with her.

You, or your fluent reader, could read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in one afternoon.  But reading a chapter a night aloud, you would finish it in one week, allowing your whole family to share in the giggles of this delightful story.

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