Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists

Mike Venezia has written over two dozen very engaging books about famous artists in his series Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists.

Each book in the series focuses on one particular artist, from Botticelli to Andy Warhol, from Monet to Jackson Pollock and many in between.

Venezia does a great job of telling readers details of the artist’s life, from childhood through his artistic career.  He also includes plenty of examples of the art the artist produced, but doesn’t limit himself to just that particular artist.  Venezia illustrates several pages in each book himself, with funny cartoon characters which sharply contrast with the art on other pages.  In some books, he also includes examples of art which influenced the work of the artist being profiled.

Adults will enjoy reading these books with their children – it’s a great way for both to learn about art, artists and historic trends.  If you just read one of these books each week, you would have the beginning of a great foundation for art appreciation.

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