Angus and the Ducks

Before Curious George, there was Angus.  Angus’s curiosity got him into lots of trouble, just like Curious George.  The main difference between them, besides the fact George was a monkey and Angus was a dog, is that George has so many books, films, and TV shows.  Angus has just three books.

But those three books are delightful – and worth adding to your library.

In Angus and the Ducks by Marjorie Flack (of The Story of Ping fame), readers learn

Angus was curious about many places and many things:  He was curious about WHAT lived under the sofa and in dark corners and WHO was the little dog in the mirror.

But a leash and SOMEONE ELSE on the other end of the leash limited his ability to explore and satisfy his curiosity.

Then, one day, the door is left open and Angus runs out to inspect the ducks on the other side of the hedge.  At first, his exploration goes well – then, the geese turn on him.

This picture book delighted my children when they were young – and will delight yours.  It’s fun to read a loud – Flack has a way of repeating sequences with just enough difference to require adults to pay attention.  She also has a sly wit which shines in sentences like:

The DUCKS talked together:  Quack! Quack! Quack!  Then:

But I won’t ruin the story for you!  Flack illustrated the books herself, so the words and pictures play off each other, and many sentences are broken up between pages providing a small amount of suspense adult readers can expand for their young listeners.

If you enjoy Angus and the Ducks, then you’ll also enjoy the other two books about Angus, Angus and the Cat and Angus Lost.

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