I Stink!

Alphabet and counting books fill the shelves of libraries.  Some of them are cute and some are beautiful.  Then there is I Stink!

I Stink! by Kate and Jim McMullan is the perfect alphabet book for boys, and girls who love gross things.

I Stink! follows the journey of a garbage truck through the dark streets of New York City – and through the alphabet.

The good news is I Stink! is not their only collaborative effort.  I’m Dirty! follows a back-hoe as he counts the things he clears from a vacant lot; I’m Big! and I’m Bad! tell the stories of different dinosaurs.  (The dinosaur books are not alphabet- or counting-related, but still fun to read.)

Kate wrote the books, and Jim created the bright, bold illustrations which make her words pop.  My children love these books, my youngest begging to stay up last night to read them all.

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