The Sword in the Tree

Set in the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, The Sword in the Tree by Clyde Robert Bulla tells the story of Shan, the son of Lord Weldon.

Shan dreams of becoming a great knight like his beloved father, but then his nefarious uncle appears at the castle gate.  Lord Weldon welcomes Uncle Lionel into Weldon Castle and nurses him back to health.

Once Uncle Lionel is healthy, Shan’s whole life changes.  His father disappears, and Shan and his mother flee the castle in order to save their lives.

Shan vows to reclaim his rightful inheritance, and sets out on a journey to do just that, appealing to King Arthur himself for help.

The Sword in the Tree will enrapture boys and girls alike.  They will sorrow over Shan’s difficulties and cheer as he stands up to his uncle, protecting a trusted servant and his mother with his quick thinking.  And it’s the perfect length for children who’ve outgrown the easy readers, but aren’t ready for long chapter books.

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