The Bridge to Neverland

Fans of Peter and the Starcatchers rejoice!  Authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have teamed up again to write another series about Peter Pan, Neverland, Starcatchers, starstuff, and Lord Ombra.

This time, they set the story in modern day America and London, featuring two teens – 17-year-old Sarah and 15-year-old Aidan.  This brother and sister discover a cryptic message in an antique desk during a dispute over Sarah’s iPhone.

This message, and Sarah’s curiosity, start them on an adventure they never anticipated.  They find a golden box, mysteriously sealed, in a cave full of wolves.  They explore London and come ‘raven-to-face’ with Lord Ombra.  As they search for answers, they travel to Princeton, North Carolina and Florida, ending up in Disney World with the FBI, and Lord Ombra, hot on their heels.

It’s a good thing Sarah has read the entire Peter and the Starcatchers series, otherwise she wouldn’t have realized Lord Ombra was after their shadows nor figured out how to open the gold box.  And it’s a good thing they found JD Aster at Princeton.  Not only is he a physics professor, but he’s also a descendant of Molly Aster Darling.  Between the three of them, they figure out how to get to Neverland and actually meet Peter Pan.

Fans of Peter and the Starcatchers might want to reread the books before starting The Bridge to Neverland to remind themselves about key people, events and places, since the authors reference them heavily.  If you haven’t read the first series, you might enjoy the adventure in The Bridge to Neverland, but you won’t understand certain plot twists or characters.

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