A Boy, A Dog and a Frog

A friend of mine reminded me of this little storybook series after she had read my review about Mercer Mayer, one of my favorite children’s authors.

Although I put it in the “Read-Aloud” category, these are picture books – literally. None of them have any words – which I love! Preschoolers can ‘read’ these books to their parents, older children can write a story to accompany the pictures, adults can make it up as they go along.

In a boy, a dog and a frog, the boy and his dog are out trying to catch a frog. They are quite unsuccessful, but the chase entertains the frog, especially when they end up a muddy mess. The boy and the dog go home to get cleaned up, and the frog gets lonely.

Can you imagine what happens next? If not, I guess you need to “read” the book.

Fortunately, Mayer wrote (or drew) a whole series of books about the boy, the dog and the frog, which include:

a boy, a dog, a frog & a friend
frog, where are you?
frog goes to dinner
one frog too many
frog on his own

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