The Ravenmaster’s Secret

Set in the Tower of London during the 1730’s, The Ravenmaster’s Secret by Elvira Woodruff tells of a daring escape from the Tower.

But Forrest Harper isn’t sure he has the courage to help with the escape.  The older boys at the Tower bully him, his mother requires him to watch over his little sisters.  His only friends are the ravens he tends with his father – and Rat, a boy rat-catcher who brings him the ravens’ breakfast each morning.

Then one day the King’s guards bring in Scottish Rebels they’ve captured.  Forrest is sure the bullies will respect him now – until he discovers his father’s prisoner is a girl.

Despite himself, Forrest befriends Maddy, and when he discovers she’s about to be executed, he is faced with a choice.  Does he dare risk his own life, and his father’s position to help Maddy escape from the tower?  Does he even have the courage to help?  And what about Rat, who is now in the clutches of the evil chimney sweep?

This novel is full of suspense and surprises – and an exciting read for children ten and up.

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