How Santa Got His Job

Perhaps you, and the children in your life, are wondering exactly how Santa got his job. Apparently Stephen Krensky wondered too, and so he wrote about Santa’s job history in How Santa Got His Job.

This creative picture book is fun to read aloud, and may illicit some giggles from your crowd, depending upon how old they are.

I mean, who else can stay so clean when cleaning chimneys? Only Santa.

And Santa has had some very interesting jobs, besides being a chimney sweep. Why, he worked in a zoo, and the post office, and even the circus!

But each job had its own problem, so Santa got fired. Many, many times. Until one day, he and some elves hit upon a solution. It was perfect – but not without some kinks.

I’m not a huge fan of Santa, but I enjoyed reading this book – and so will you.

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