The Family Under the Bridge

Old Armand is perfectly content with his life as a hobo, living under one of Paris’ bridges. He worked odd jobs, or begged, to keep himself warm and fed – and he had no responsibilities, especially children. Children mean homes, responsibility and work. Armand does not like children.

Then cold day in December, he found his favorite place under the bridge taken! And not by an other hobo. No, in his little niche he found… children! Three of them!

These homeless children, whose mother is at work, weasel their way into Armand’s heart. He does not want to like them, let alone love them, but he can’t help himself. And what the children want most is a home for Christmas so they can stay together as a family.

Against his better judgment, Armand finds himself helping the little family – but will he be able to make their Christmas wish come true?

This short sweet story by Natalie Savage Carlson brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. It’s a wonderful little book to read with your family in December – and one way to remind yourself and you children of what really matters during the holiday season.

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