The Light at Tern Rock

Ronnie and his aunt are anticipating a delightful Christmas, celebrating with friends at the school Christmas program and enjoying their holiday traditions.

But first, they’ve agreed to spell the keeper of the lighthouse at Tern Rock for two weeks so he can visit his niece and her family. He promised to be back on December 15th, so they can celebrate Christmas at home.

Ronnie enjoys his time at Tern Rock – he loves the waves slapping against the rocks, and polishing the glass on the big light which keeps the sailors safe. He learns to love Tern Rock as his aunt does.

But the keeper does not come back on the 15th. Or the 16th. Ronnie counts down the days until Christmas, getting angrier every day.

Aunt Martha gracefully accepts the changes in their Christmas plans, and helps Ronnie to accept them too. The two of them determine to enjoy their Christmas at the light house, despite the keeper’s deception.

Julia Sauer writes a beautiful story, full of emotion & forgiveness, to share with children during the holiday season.

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