Flight of the Phoenix

Nathaniel Fludd feels a little flummoxed. He has just discovered his missing parents are presumed dead and his governess has shipped him off to an aunt he’s never met before.

Aunt Phil was nothing like he expected – and her house was strange too. Then suddenly they’re off on an adventure – in a newfangled invention Nathaniel has hardly seen before – an airplane!

In Flight of the Phoenix, by R.L. LaFevers, Nathaniel learns that the Fludds are well-known beastologist. If you’re not sure what a beastologist is, neither is Nathaniel, but he learns quite a bit on his adventure with Aunt Phil.

The Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist series are perfect for boys, and girls, who are ready for short chapter books. Plenty of illustrations by Kelly Murphy break up the chapters, and Nathaniel’s unusual adventures will keep their attention.

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