What Do You Do, Dear?

Children need help learning manners, and Sesyle Joslin has created the perfect manner book for children.  Maurice Sendak (of Where the Wild Things Are fame) drew the pictures for What Do You Do, Dear?, which makes this book extra fun.

Joslin helps children understand what to do in the most interesting situations.  What do you do when you are about to discover a pirate treasure on a tropical island when the cook rings a bell for lunch?

And how on earth do you handle it when the Sheriff of Nottingham apologetically interrupts your reading to take you to jail?

What about when a lady polar bear enters your igloo at the North Pole?

Joslin gives children clear directions on how to handle each of these situations.  Wash your hands before eating the pirate luncheon.  Find a bookmark to mark your place before going with the Sheriff of Nottingham to jail.  And help the lady polar bear off with her coat.

Adults and children alike will enjoy this little picture book – which teaches manners in a very interesting way.

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