The Willoughbys

Oh my goodness.  Our family just finished listening to The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry – and we LOVED it!

Lowry writes a parody of old-fashioned stories like Anne of Green Gables and James and the Giant Peach – except the children decide they want to be orphans and plot to get rid of their parents.  At the same time, their parents decide they are done being parents and plot to get rid of their children.  Enter an adorable orphan, a reclusive millionaire, an angelic nanny – and you have yourself one hilariously enjoyable book, full of deliciously huge words – and an irreverent glossary in the back to explain them.  Even the bibliography and author’s biography made us chuckle.

TV veteran Arte Johnson reads the audiobook version – and brings such life and color to Lowry’s words I can hardly imagine reading the book could be better than listening to it.  He even reads the glossary and the bibliography – so don’t turn off the audiobook when the book ends.

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