Heckedy Peg

Many mothers would be overwhelmed with seven children, but not the mother in Heckedy Peg  by Audrey Wood.  On one market day, she rewards her seven children, named after the days of the week, for their hard work.  She says she’ll bring home whatever they want from the market.

The children make their requests, and Mother leaves, admonishing the children to not let a stranger in, and don’t touch fire.
The children have a grand old time, until a witch comes to the window.  Despite their best efforts to obey, the allow the witch in, and she bewitches them.

When Mother returns to find her house empty, she sets out on a search for them, and discovers them in the witches’ cottage.  Through her quick thinking, Mother breaks the spell, recovers her children and chases the witch to her death.

Don Wood’s realistic and dramatic illustrations bring this story to life – and the mother’s ingenuity is inspirational.  Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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