A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt

Margo Bandini has always felt secure.  She had Papa, Mama, and her little brother Charlie – although he had given the family quite a scare several years earlier.

But it is now 1933, and Margo’s world seems to be falling apart.  The sheriff sale sign in on the front door of her home.  Her best friend’s father left one night, and now Rosa never mentions him.  Margo is afraid she’ll lose her home, her friends, her school and her favorite teacher.

In school, Margo learns about Eleanor Roosevelt – Eleanore Everywhere because she travels around the country helping people.  Could Eleanor Everywhere help Margo and Papa save their home?

This short little book brings the Great Depression to life for elementary school readers.  In A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt, C. Coco De Young tells Margo’s story simply, and effectively – helping readers feel the fear and sorrow of the times.  In an author’s note at the back of the book, De Young tells the true story behind it – based on her own family history. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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