The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups

The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups by David Wisniewski is proof that picture books are not just for toddlers and preschoolers.  Children that age will not understand this book.

Secret Knowledge is for older children, those who can appreciate the humor in Wisniewski’s explanation of everyday things grown-ups tell children.

Take, for example, “Don’t jump on your bed!”  The official reasons grown-ups say that is because you will break it, and you might get hurt.

But the REAL reason for that rule is…. you might wake up the mattress!  Wisniewski then goes into a long explanation about the Scots, who originally herded mattresses on the farms in Scotland, and how the mattresses they herd become the mattresses on our beds, and so you’d better be careful not to wake them up.

Wisniewski goes through about eight rules grown-ups give kids, and the ‘real’ reasons they exist.  They are creative, and will cause your children to laugh out loud.

Recommended for children (especially boys) ages 8 and up.

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