War Horse

In the spirit of Black Stallion, War Horse by Michael Morpurgo tells the story of a horse.

Joey, a big red bay, narrates his story – from the time he was a colt sold at auction to the time he returns from World War I.

He enjoys a special relationship with Albert, the son of the farmer who bought him at auction – until the farmer sells him to the army under Albert’s nose.

Joey endures hardship, enjoys friendships, and somehow survives the war – with an amazing ending which almost had our whole family almost crying.

I’ve not seen the movie, but I can tell you the book is wonderful.  John Keating reads the audio version, and does a masterful job depicting the accents – English, Welsh, German & American – throughout the book.

My eight-year-old even found a sequel, called Farmer’s Boy, which he loved reading.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

(If your child can’t handle the images of war in the movie, s/he will probably be able to handle the book.  It is not graphic, but it is emotional.)

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