The City of Ember

Lina Mayfleet is anxiously awaiting her assignment. She wants to be a Messenger, because she loves to run.

Doon Harrow is equally anxious. He wants to do something to help his dying city – be an electrician so he can work on the generator which keeps the lights on, and the darkness away.

Their work assignments, and a discovery of an ancient document, bring them together. Together, they try to decipher the document, and discover a world beyond the city of Ember.

The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau, is a captivating book. DuPrau leaves the reader wondering – is this a book set in our world, or in a different world altogether? The answer is, yes.

You’ll have to read the book to find out why!

DuPrau follows The City of Ember with three more books:

The People of Sparks explores the ideas of assimilation, sharing scarce resources and choosing a leader to follow.

The Prophet of Yonwood is a prequel to the first two books. Nickie, the main character, struggles with deciding what is right and what is wrong, as well as deciding how God speaks to people.

I recommend reading these two books with your child, as it will bring up interesting discussions, and your beliefs may, or may not, align with the ones espoused by DuPrau.

The Diamond of Darkwood returns to Lina and Doon as they return to the city of Ember to unearth something they and the people of Sparks need.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

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