My 12-year-old daughter read Powerless by Matthew Cody and insisted that I read it too.

I’m glad she did.

Powerless is a story about superheroes – but not the well-known comic book kind. These superheroes are kids who have super powers. All except Daniel. He is just an ordinary kid who loves detective stories, and who befriends the Supers.

But the Supers powers disappear when they turn 13. Mollie, one of the Supers, is determined to find out why, and she is sure that Daniel is the only one who can figure it out.

Daniel is not so sure. After all, he’s just an ordinary kid.

But, to his surprise, he does become a hero.

Both my daughter and I enjoyed reading this fast-paced book. The plot takes several satisfying twists and turns, and Cody does a great job of setting up a sequel, which we both eagerly anticipate.

Recommended for ages 9 and up.

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