Kaspar The Titanic Cat

Johnny Tott knows that Kaspar is a special cat.  He traveled to London’s Savoy Hotel with his owner, a Russian opera singer.

Johnny gets to know and admire Kaspar as he gets to know and admire his owner, the opera singer.  But when tragedy befalls the singer, Johnny decides to care for Kaspar.

Then Kaspar and Johnny meet Lizziebeth, an American girl staying at the Savoy.  Kaspar comes to live with Lizziebeth, and Johnny is grateful to her.  When the family decides to return to America on the celebrated Titanic, Johnny decides to join them.

And then, the real adventure begins.

Kaspar, The Titanic Cat by Michael Morpurgo is full of illustrations by Michael Foreman.  With large type, relatively short chapters and high adventure, Kaspar is a great book for readers ready for a bit longer chapter book.  Boys will especially enjoy this book.

Recommended for ages 7 to 12 (depending upon reading ability).

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