Shadow Spinner

Eastern legends tell the story of Princess Shahrazad, who told the sultan a story every night for a 1,000 nights to prevent the Sultan from killing a new wife every night.

What stories did she tell? Where did she find her stories? These questions are explored in Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher.

Marjan catches Shahrazad’s attention after telling the haram’s children stories. The princess charges Marjan with finding the sultan’s favorite childhood story. Marjan heard it in the market, told by a blind storyteller – but how will she escape the haram, and then return?

Full of political intrigue, adventure and mysteries, Shadow Spinner will capture the attention of boys and girls – even parents.

The audiobook is also a treasure – capturing the personalities of each character.

Recommended for readers ages 13 and up. Listeners as young as 8 will enjoy listening to the audiobook.

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