Sometimes I feel the world celebrates extroverts to the detriment of introverts – those of us who recharge and refuel being by ourselves, who don’t feel a need to be involved in every conversation, who are perfectly entertained with favorite toys and our imagination.

People like Oliver.

Oliver, the title character in Birgitta Sif’s picture book Oliver, sometimes feel a bit different from everyone else.  He has a vivid imagination, creates imaginary worlds with his stuffed animals, and takes them on wild adventures.

He was just fine with that, except sometimes he felt lonely.  The feeling quickly passes.  And then one day, his tennis ball takes him on an adventure even he couldn’t imagine.

Sif’s illustrations suit the book perfectly – fun and fanciful without being too over-the-top for an introvert like Oliver.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.  (Why “and up”? Because when I read this book, I felt very validated for who I am and there are times when adults need that too!)

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