Midnight is a Place

Lucas Bell lives a rather dreary life, even though he lives in the largest house in town.  His guardian is a stingy old man, not much interested in his existence at all.  His tutor is nice enough, but quite distracted.  He’s stuck in a bedroom or schoolroom most every day, and the town he lives with is dreary from the smoke belching out of the mills.

When a mysterious carriage pulls up to the house, Lucas hopes it will be someone who will help break the monotony of his days.  Then he discovers the newcomer is Anna Marie, a French girl who seems awfully spoiled, and much too young to be his friend.

A great fire throws both orphans into the streets, trying to find a way to earn their way.  Anna Marie, and Lucas, show their resilience through months of hardship, when finally their circumstances begin to change for the better.

It’s hard to believe anything will work out well for the two orphans, but this book does have a happy ending.

Highly recommended for ages 9 and up.

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