Sir Lancelot the Great

Sir Lancelot is one great knight.  Though he grew up in France, he knew the best place for him was in King Arthur’s court in England.  So he leaves his father and France, and travels to join King Arthur.   But proving himself as the greatest knight in the kingdom brings some tiresome results – even after Sir Lancelot has had his afternoon nap.

Author Gerald Morris brings the tales of the famous Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur’s court to elementary students.  These are short, funny books with occasional illustrations from Aaron Renier.  They are short enough for impatient readers to enjoy, and full of action too.  I heard my nine-year-old laugh out loud at several points when reading this book.

Even though they’ll finish Sir Lancelot the Great relatively quickly, the good news is that Sir Lancelot is the first book of the “The Knight Tales” series – several books highlighting each of the Knights of the Round Table.

And for those who are having trouble reading, they can read the book along with the audiobook – a great way to strengthen reading skills.

Highly recommended for ages 6 – 10, depending on reading ability.

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