Crankee Doodle

Most people are familiar with the American folk song, Yankee Doodle:

Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony…

(Are you singing it now?)

Even if you’re not familiar with the song, you’ll enjoy reading Tom Angleberger’s book Crankee Doodle.  In this picture book, the soldier of the American Revolution is – you guessed it – cranky.  He carries on a conversation with his horse, in which he complains and complains, and complains some more.

Eventually, he takes it too far, and insults his horse.  This causes his horse to burst into tears and give the soldier a ‘taste of his own medicine’ – as they say.

It’s a funny take on the folk song, made better by the author’s note (spoken by the horse, actually), giving the real history of the song.

Recommended for ages 2 to 7.

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