The Granddaughter Necklace

The Granddaughter Necklace by Sharon Dennis Wyeth is loosely based upon a necklace handed down from her grandmother.  She imagined it had been handed down from the most distant relation she was able to find – a woman who had immigrated to America from Ireland.

Instead of starting with Frances, the most distant relative, Wyeth starts with herself and works her way backward.   She relates the difficult moment in each woman’s teen years that prompted her mother to pass down the necklace to her.

At the end of the book, Wyeth includes an author’s note that explains the origin of the story, and explains the DNA evidence that showed she did have Irish blood in her.  She also then talks about her father’s ancestors and where in Africa her nameless relatives came from.

The Granddaughter Necklace is a touching picture book, made all the better by the author’s note at the end.  I appreciate Wyeth’s willingness to share about herself.

Recommended for ages 2 (without reading the author’s note) to 8 (or even older – my 14-year-old has enjoyed reading this story too).

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