Little House on the Prairie

If your library does not include the Little House books, the semi-autobiographical novels by Laura Ingalls Wilder, put them on your Christmas list!  Every home should have a set of these.

The series start with Little House in the Big Wood, where Laura and her sisters live with their parents.  She includes all sorts of interesting details, not only about daily life, but about family gatherings, celebrating holidays, and even some scary stories – like the time Pa met a panther in the woods.

Wilder’s books continue with Little House on the Prairie, and follow her life through The First Four Years, about the first years of her marriage to Almanzo Wilder.

Through her books, she relates all the difficulties of life on the American frontier, and all the joys.  My children and I really enjoyed listening to the audiobooks, narrated by Cherry Jones.  We particularly enjoyed Pa’s fiddle and singing, brought to life on those audiobooks.

Highly recommended for all ages.

And young readers, and listeners, can enjoy the stories repackaged as picture books and easy readers.  Find out more about them here, and here.

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