The Mapmaker’s Sons

Tom Hawkins does not remember his parents.  He feels compelled to climb around the buildings at his boarding school in England – especially on stormy nights.

One night, as he climbs to the school’s bell tower, he runs into trouble.

He’s not sure what kind of trouble, exactly, which makes it worse.  Men in black cloaks with an eerie red eye broach chase him.  He manages to escape with the help of an equally mysterious figure – a pirate with a peg leg.

In the schoolmaster’s office, events turn even stranger.  The strict schoolmaster knows this pirate, who produces an elaborate map from his peg leg.  Tom realizes that the map comes alive under his fingers – and his adventure begins.

Umbrey, the pirate, takes Tom through a portal into another world.  There he discovers family secrets, battles ferocious beasts and wicked enemies and discovers a lost sword – all in an effort to save that world.

I’m going out on a thick, sturdy limb to say V.L. Burgess will be writing sequels to The Mapmaker’s Sons – and plenty of them.  As well she should, for both boys and girls will enjoy this thin, but action-packed, book.

Highly recommended for ages 8 to 13.

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