The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail

Mouse Minor is what everyone calls him, but it’s not his real name. The hero of The Mouse with a Question Mark Tail doesn’t have a name. And it bothers him immensly. He never knew his parents either. He lives with Aunt Marigold under the Royal Mews, the carriage house of Buckingham Palace.

Mouse Minor asks Aunt Marigold what his name is. She always answers with “Nameless is Blameless,” which isn’t really an answer at all. Being the smallest mouse of the Mews, the other mice at school bully him. He does his best to survive, until one day he decides he’s done and runs away from school.

This leads him on quite a journey – not just through the Royal Mews, but also through the park and the palace itself – as he searches for his real identity and purpose.

After a number of interesting, and somewhat alarming, adventures, Mouse Minor does find his real name, a father he never knew and his purpose at the castle. But if I told you what they were, I would spoil the ending!

While I greatly enjoyed reading Richard Peck’s latest book, I didn’t enjoy listening to the audiobook as much. My kids and I attempted the audiobook, but returned it after we finished the first CD. We realized we didn’t particularly listening to Russ Bain, who narrates the book. Maybe you will, so don’t discount it.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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