The Valentine Bears

I have found very few holiday books, outside of Christmas and Thanksgiving books, which I really enjoy. The Valentine Bears is one of those exceptions.

Written by Eve Bunting, The Valentine Bears tell the story of Mr. & Mrs. Bear, who settle in for a long hibernation. But Mrs. Bear sets her alarm early, so she can celebrate a special day with Mr. Bear – one they rarely celebrate together because they’re always sleeping.

The picture book follows Mrs. Bears preparations for the celebration, which include pulling out the Crispy Critters (Mr. Bear’s favorite) and finding the honey she hid in the fall. Then comes the task of waking Mr. Bear.

Jan Brett’s detailed illustrations enhance the sweetness of this story, with both Mr. & Mrs. Bear working to think up ways to surprise and delight each other on this special day.

Recommended for ages 3 – 6.

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