Keeping Score

Maggie Fortini listens to every game her beloved Brooklyn Dodgers play, usually at the firehouse with her father’s former co-workers.  When Jim joins the firehouse, she is shocked to discover he is a huge fan of the Dodgers arch-rivals, the New York Giants.  She determines to never be his friend.

But slowly, he wins her over, and teaches her how to keep records of every pitch, hit and run in the ballgame.  They develop a strong friendship, and when he leaves to fight in Korea, she writes to him every week.

But then Jim stops writing back.  And the Dodgers go on a losing streak.  Maggie is very disappointed, and tries to figure out what she can do to help her team and her friend.

Linda Sue Park, author of some of my favorite books (A Single ShardA Long Walk to Water, The Third Giftand Xander’s Panda Party), wrote Keeping Score too.  She tenderly writes of Maggie’s disappointments – and how Maggie learns the power of hope, faith and being true to her friends, no matter what.

Highly recommended for ages 10 and up.

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