The Summer We Found the Baby

On the last day of summer, Julie and her little sister Martha find a baby.

A real, live baby in a basket on the steps of the library.

Their neighbor, Bruno, is on his way to catch the train on an important errand for his older brother when he spots them.

Errand forgotten, he follows the girls, thinking they’re kidnappers.

These three each tell the story of that morning from their own perspective in The Summer We Found the Baby by Amy Hest.

Their different voices and perspectives are captivating – as is the question of who exactly is the extremely tall woman by the black car on the beach.

The short chapters make it easy to read.

I did find it rather annoying all the dialogue is in ALL CAPS rather than using proper punctuation. At first I thought it was a reflection of the perpetual excitement of the six-year-old, but no.

Be prepared. While some of the story is resolved, the biggest question (at least in my mind) is not.

Recommended for ages 8 – 12.

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