Heroes of the Holocaust

Heroes of the Holocaust by Allan Zullo and Mara Bovsun may seem like strange reading for Christmastime.

I found it to be the perfect book to read to remind me of all the blessings I have in the midst of a difficult year.

This book highlights teens from around Europe and their stories of resistance during World War 2.

Yes, the stories are sometimes hard to read. Yes, these teens experienced difficult, even unbearable, circumstances. They lost countless friends. They lost family members.

And their stories of courage and daring in extreme circumstances are also inspiring.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

For younger children, I highly recommend Twenty and Ten by Claire Huchet.

Other World War II books I’ve reviewed include: Parallel Journeys, Soldier Bear, The War that Saved My Life (and it’s sequel, The War I Finally Won), Winter in Wartime, Greater than Angels, It Rained Warm Bread, Prisoner B-3087, My Real Name is Hanna, Skylark and Wallcreeper, What the Night Sings, The Faithful Spy, Resistance, Surviving Hitler, A Boy of Heart Mountain, The Sound of Freedom, The Librarian of Auschwitz, The Night Witches, The Winged Watchman – I’m sure there are more!

(Any books NOT hyperlinked here are reviewed on my Facebook and Instagram accounts – search @cultivatingreaders to find my account and the reviews.)

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