Brother’s Keeper

Sora Pak and her family live by a very strict set of rules. The family Bible is hidden under the floor. They must attend the local communist meetings. Their friends and neighbors keep disappearing.

But they are afraid to leave their North Korean village. Until the war comes so close, they decide this is their only chance to go south – and live freely.

In the rush and danger, Sora and her younger brother, Youngsoo, are separated from the rest of their family. They must travel on foot across the Korean Peninsula alone – in the midst of the war.

Brother’s Keeper by Julie Lee is more than a story about a perilous journey. It’s also about guilt, anger, and forgiveness.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Parents – please note that this story takes place in the middle of the Korean War. These children face many dangers – bombs, being shot at, crossing dangerous rivers and seeing other children drown. You may want to read this aloud with a sensitive child to help them process it.

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