Ms. Rapscott’s Girls

Ms. Rapscott runs a boarding school for daughters of the world’s busiest parents. They are so busy, they barely have time to box their girls up and send them to Ms. Rapscott. In fact, one set of parents forgot to close their box – which meant Dahlia never made it to school.

If you think that’s strange, well. The rest of the story is too. A bit strange to make adults wonder, and kids giggle, but not too strange so that readers cannot follow the story.

The girls themselves are rather awful at the beginning of the story, but their bad behavior does not stop Ms. Rapscott. She teaches the girls, and rallies them to leave the lighthouse and find Dahlia.

The book’s ending begs for a series, and even a ‘sister’ (make that ‘brother’) series. (Which has been published since I wrote this review, but I haven’t read it yet.)

Ms. Rapscott’s Girls by Elise Primavera may not the best book I’ve read, or listened to, but certainly a fun one.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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