Wishes and Wellingtons, Crimes and Carpetbags

Julie Berry authored one of my favorite books, The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place. So when I saw she had written these titles on Audible, I added them to my library.

Wishes and Wellingtons and Crime and Carpetbags follow the adventures of Maeve and her friend Alice, boarding school roommates.

Maeve is always in trouble, and her punishment involves sorting the kitchen trash.

One day she finds an unopened can of sardines in the bin. Her lucky day!

When she opens it, she doesn’t find sardines. Instead a genie pops out.

Thus begins exciting adventures that involves Alice, the school bully, an orphan from the nearby home and a cast of other characters.

Maeve learns the futility of revenge, the importance of friends, the value of family – and that magic isn’t always magical.

Both stories are fun listens for ages 8 and up.

Note: If you’re an Audible subscriber, they’re free to add to your library. If you’re not an Audible subscriber, you’ll have to either purchase the audio files from Audible, or become a subscriber to access them.

Crime and Carpetbags, sequel to Wishes and Wellingtons

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