When the Sea Turned to Silver

Pinmei’s grandmother is the neighborhood storyteller and always has the perfect story for Pinmei and the villagers.

But the emperor’s soldiers break into Pinmei’s house and kidnaps her grandmother. Fortunately, Grandmother was able to hid Pinmei in a large pot, so the soldiers didn’t kidnap her. So Pinmei and her friend Yishan set out to find, and rescue, Pinmei’s grandmother.

Along the way, the two children face challenges straight out of grandmother’s stories. Will they overcome and find Pinmei’s grandmother?

Grace Lin’s newest book, When the Sea Turned to Silver, follows the same format as Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Starry River of the Sky – a story interwoven with Asian fairy tales. Beautifully written, wonderful to read and perfect as a read-aloud for all ages. Visual cues help readers and followers know the difference between the overall story and the fairy tales.

Highly recommended for all ages.

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