Jack Plank Tells Tales

Jack Plank loved being a pirate. His fellow pirates liked him a lot too. But after a bit, it became clear to everyone that Jack was no good at plundering. That was OK, because someone needed to stay behind and keep the soup warm.

But then hard times hit pirating, and the pirates couldn’t keep someone on board who wasn’t good at plundering. They just didn’t have enough money to pay Jack to keep the soup warm.

So Jack left pirating. His fellow pirates chipped in some money to help him stay afloat while he found his next job. Jack found a respectable boarding house and set about looking for a job.

But a job he could not find. Nothing would suit him, and every night at dinner, he explained to the other boarders why this job, and that job, just wouldn’t work. Until one day, his fellow boarders help him discover the perfect job for him.

Jack Plank Tells Tales is a short, funny book by Natalie Babbitt. I enjoyed listening to the audiobook, with John H. Mayer narrating. Jack is a likable guy and tells incredible stories – about trolls, a girl raised by seagulls, and even a music-loving crocodile.

Highly recommended for ages 6 and up.

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