Moses Thomas lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, and spends most of his time with Boo Nanny, his grandmother who was born into slavery. Boo Nanny is steeped in the old ways and the signs, and Moses listens to her stories with rapt attention.

But as he grows older, and sees more of the world, he also sees signs of progress, which his father is quick to point out. Moses’ father is a city alderman and a reporter for the only black daily paper in the state.

This summer, Moses is looking forward to summer fun, swimming in the swimming hole and playing by the train tracks. He also cannot help notice the growing tension between the white and black communities in Wilmington – and the increasing danger he and his father face.

Crow by Barbara Wright tells the story of the fight for the black middle class in Wilmington at the turn of the century. Masterfully written, bridging the gap between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the Jim Crow era, Crow is an eye-opening tale for today’s readers.

Highly recommended for ages 9 and up.

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