Maniac McGee

Maniac Mcgee is a legend in his town. His real name was Jeffery Lionel Magee – but when his parents died, his life changed. And with his new life came the new name – Maniac.

Maniac is an interesting boy. He does what he wants. Lives where he wants. Talks with who he wants. It makes the boys and girls on the East Side and West Side crazy because he doesn’t fit the mold.

He makes himself at home in whatever side he is on – even though the East-Siders never speak with West-Siders and vice versa. No one has ever crossed the imaginary line. Until Maniac.

Jerry Spinelli writes an incredible story of a boy who chooses to be homeless, chooses to have a family on the East Side, and chooses a different family on the West Side. And during his short time in town, Maniac destroys all stereotypes.

I loved this book, especially the audio version. S. Epatha Merkerson (my favorite lieutenant from Law & Order) reads the audio book.

Highly recommended for ages eight and up.

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