Highly Illogical Behavior

Lisa Praytor is highly motivated. She desperately wants out of her small California town, and she has just the ticket. She is going to find that crazy kid who walked into a fountain in junior high school. She’s going to befriend him, fix him and write an amazing essay about it, which will earn her a scholarship to the second best psychology program in the US.

Solomon Reed just wants to feel safe. And the safest place for him is in his house, with his parents and regular visits from his grandmother. Then Lisa finds Solomon, befriends him, and everything changes. For both of them.

Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley is definitely a young adult book – not for the under 15 crowd.

Lisa can’t figure out why her boyfriend won’t sleep with her. Solomon reveals he is gay. Messy relationship stuff happens – and is dealt with appropriately. Lisa and Solomon figure out life rarely goes as planned.

It’s a good read – facing fears, dealing with mental illness. A good teen-parent book club book.

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